April 26, 2018

Disgarding debris one word at a time.

2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP.

IMG_4916c IMG_4915c

I came across this car when I heard it was for sale by a guy I knew in the UNYCGP (Upstate New York Club Grand Prix). age caught up to him and he was looking to unload it. I went and looked at this car last Saturday and pick it up this coming Saturday (7/16/16). It is heavily modded and a little dirty, but a little dirt wont hinder the fact that this car is a high 11, low 12 second car in it’s prime. but its detuned a little bit. I don’t have any official 1/4 times for it as it sits but it hauls. The body has just under 56k miles and the L36 block has much less than that. Its very clean underneath. I can’t wait to get the suspension parts to make it handle better.

-L36 Block
-ZZP XPZ cam (comp cams (76-000-9)
-Ported Gen 3 M90 Supercharger
-ZZP Stage 3 Heads
-LS1 Throttlebody
-TOG Headers
-Manual Fan + IC pump control
-PRJ Performance Fuel Rails
-ZZP Modular Pulley System
-Intense Motor Mounts
-8 rib supercharger setup/crank
-Trans Cooler
-Intense 3.69 trans w/ LSD/Shiftkit
-Custom Tune
-F1 Wing and Hood
-KYB AGX Front/Rear with ZZP W body springs (7/8″ drop front, 1/2″ rear)
-BMR Front/Rear Strut tower bars
-SLP Front/Rear Sway Bars

There might be a few other things done to it but that’s the main stuff. Best time 11.880@116.17 and handfuls of low 12 second runs.