April 26, 2018

Disgarding debris one word at a time.
All Clean with 19" PIAA's

All Clean with 19″ PIAA’s

The heartbeat of a beast

The heartbeat of a beast

2005 Pontiac GTO.

This car was my mid-life crisis car. I wanted… hold on… I mean I needed something fun. Something fun I can hop in, put my kid in the back seat and just cruise around and be happy I picked this up the first week of November 2014.

I have always wanted a GTO when they came back out in 2004, and when they came out in 2005 with improvements I wanted one even more. Unfortunately they were not cheap and when I did scrape enough together I needed something that could tow a light trailer (Enter the Trailblazer SS). So I had to make a compromise…

-skip a few years-

…mid life crisis time, I scoured craigslist and knew I wanted an 05/06. 2004 models were blah, and 2006 models were still a few bucks more than the 05’s and the difference was just a few options that came on the 06 that got left/changed out on the 05. Back to my search, I found a Dark Blue GTO, officially Midnight Blue Metallic, and a 6-speed manual transmission. In the right light it looks like it has some purple mixed in. It was a car for sale locally, but was from California, and prior to that was from Florida and never driven in the winter here in its few months in NY. the PO (Previous Owner) had done 95% of aftermarket stuff that I wanted to do. Kooks 1-7/8 Headers, Magnaflow Cat back, Kooks high flow cat/mids, Vengeance VRX5 Cam, 1,000 hp one piece drive shaft, 19″ staggered PIAA wheels, Monster 4 clutch, interior blue lights, changed the gawdy stock green gauge cluster to an awesome blue with red needles, some other little things and the best part a Magnuson TVS1900 supercharger! the only dyno sheet was from a place called Synergy Motorsports and it made 549 hp and 525 tq on a dynapak dyno. Dynapak dynos read higher than a normal roller type dyno so this might have made 510’ish hp on a roller. What a fun car. But… that fun was short lived.

About a month after having it it spun a main bearing and began knocking. Stock bottom end gave up. I took it to a local performance shop for a diagnosis (New Era Performance) and they found 2 bearings were ate and it needed a rebuild. At this point I still wanted to have a fast car, but pointless to put the same motor in and have the same performance. Go big’er or go home. Opted for a Forged LME 402 engine, and swapped out the TVS1900 for a TVS2300 supercharger with OD cogs and a Innovators West 8 rib conversion kit. A methanol injection kit was also installed. The Monster 4 clutch was kept to try and keep cost down a little. After getting the motor done and on the dyno there appeared a violent shake around 120 mph preventing a decent dyno pull. This vibration was present prior to the new motor. Tried to balance the driveshaft and it was fine. checked the wheels for balance they were fine. Apparently this was an older version of the single piece driveshaft and vibrations/resonance was common. Upgraded to a two piece driveshaft 1,000 hp driveshaft and it came off the dyno buttery smooth. Shop did a few pulls, tweaked a few things and got the car back to me… 687 hp 695 tq at the wheels on a dynojet with a very nice, pretty flat power curve. Max torque is just past 3,000 rpm, typical of a roots style blower.

First week the car was scary, then talking to people the rear BF Goodrich tires were junk and hard. a few days later I noticed in 5th gear the rpms going up and the car not… Slipping clutch. WTF this clutch is supposed to hold 750+ tq I thought I read. Then I could not remember if that was 750 wheel, or 750 crank… either way, back to the shop for a new clutch. Went with a dual friction plate clutch, A Mantic 9000 twin disk that is rated up to 1010 tq. When I picked the car up it was so much easier to drive. The Monster clutch made my left leg workout, and the mantic is soooooo nice.

Here is where the car is, every single mod big and small as it sits today 8/14/16
LME Forged 402, Magnuson TVS2300 (10psi) with Overdrive cog, Progressive Methanol Kit, Custom 4″ intake, LS7 MAF, Vengeance  VRX5 cam, Rocker Trunion upgrade, Hardened Pushrods, Kooks Long tube 1-7/8 headers, Kooks catted mids (hollowed out), magnaflow cat back. Stock 17″ wheels with Toyo R888 on all 4 corners, 1000 hp 2 piece DSS driveshaft, Kenwood headunit with GPS/bluetooth, BC coilover kit, Pedders QR Rack, cut rear fenders and rolled front fenders for clearance, HID low beams, LED foglights, Innovators West 8 rib pully kit, SAP type Grills, Smoked Side Markers, Black rear valance, “427” tail lights, Black rear SAP spoiler, Blue/Red Bohnman Cluster, Blue lit interior, SCSS dash pod for Fuelpsi and Boost, 2 pod A-pillar for dual Aeroforce gauges, hardwired Escort Passport Max.

Parts waiting to be installed:
All new speakers

Next plans:
Larger heat exchanger with custom plumbing.