March 20, 2018

Disgarding debris one word at a time.

2007 Trailblazer SS

Fun Hauler

This was my pre-mid life crisis truck. It has the LS2 395hp motor, AWD, can tow… perfect all in one vehicle, except the 12/13 mpg I get around town… It is totally stock except for a ipod/Bluetooth interface that ties into the factory radio, and running on a spare/extra ECU/Tranny modules. Loaded with leather, heated seats, digital climate control, sunroof, but no GPS/touchscreen. Great truck just hit 84k (bought in Jan 2012 with 60k) and its only been to the dealership for the rear compressor for the suspension to get replaced, and the drivers heated seat pad. Still covered till Jan 2017 too! I have run this through a few NY winters and its a beast in the snow with the four Blizzak snow tires mounted on the spare 18″ Saab wheels

Fall of 2016 I got tired of the cold start tick-tick-tick and thought it was a exhaust manifold gasket. I thought well, lets get it into the shop and remove those HP sucking manual fans and switch to efans, get a good intake on it, and a tune… then the shop called with the news. The tick-tick-tick was caused by 3 exhaust manifold bolts that broke off in the head… This is where I went a little overboard. Talked with the shop and we came up with a plan to spend more money. Took the heads off, send them out to get the broken bolts out, then some CNC work, and some porting work, while the heads were off its easy to do a cam shaft upgrade, to do a cam upgrade there are some valvetrain upgrades that needed to happen, and since a good lopey cam is in the plan, now a stall converter in the transmission is needed. and since the heads are off I can save some labor costs and went with American Racing longtube headers, and topped that off with catted mid pipes (to ease up on the fuel smell) and finishing up in the back with a Corsa Sport exhaust… all brought together with a great tune.

… And it runs, its loud, and it glug-glug-glug’s like a big cammed vehicle should.

From a dead stop it breaks free all 4 tires (it’s AWD). its a totally different truck! It takes a while to warm up

so im not driving it as much this winter, only on days where no snow on the roads and the salt is almost good as gone.

After a few weeks of driving at night I got fed of with the halogen bulbs fading in and out from the cam loping the motor. I replaced the low beams with LED bulbs and the flicker was gone, but the beam pattern was terrible. So I bought a new pair of headlight housings and a HID Bi-XENON retrofit kit. Put the lenses in the oven separated them, did some sanding, bolded the new housings in, sealed them back up and everything is working good after a few attempts. I did a mod so when my high beams are on, my low beams stay on and the HID shield on the low beam drops. I did keep the LED in for the high beam, just for looks I guess. with all 4 lights on its very bright!

I also upgraded into interior LED lighting for the dome lights and stuff. MUCH brighter! I replaced my OEM worn/bulb burned out steering wheel controls for new ones, Installed a new 3 gauge pod with a couple aeroforce gauges and put my Escort Radar smart cord/mute button in the 3rd pod where I 3d printed a holder that fit in perfectly.

I also installed a DJM rear swaybar, and adjustable turnbuckle links for adjusting the rear air ride system to lower the back end a little.

Next on my list is to remove the stock 6 cd changer bose and install a stock nav/dvd player. I have to get that programmed by the dealer I think for the theft lock. then I have to hack into the onstar antenna and use that for the GPS/nav antenna.