March 20, 2018

Disgarding debris one word at a time.

2010 Rav4

This was my wife’s vehicle, her name is Susan because I got tired of hearing “Mommy’s car” so we call her Susan now. The rav4 was purchased brand new and now has like 66k miles on it. It’s a nice vehicle for how unloaded it is. It’s a base model Rav4 that’s All Wheel Drive. It’s good in the snow and gets decent gas mileage compared to the rest of the vehicles I have. It is the one vehicle I used to not care if something spilled, but since getting the bumper fixed and having the interior cleaned I have some higher stands for it now. I actually used it to pull out a stump of an old tree, it has a Low drive, and can lock the center diff. I do like the steering wheel it has, I actually like its steering feel better than my GTO.