April 26, 2018

Disgarding debris one word at a time.

Hot, Hot, Hot!

It’s Hot and Humid! Lucking the A/C is holding up good since they did the “recall” on it to fix some sticky valve for the evaporator. Looking forward to a great weekend! It’s FRIDAY, I have a Golf lesson tonight then help my mom move a few boxes after that (she just moved into a […]

2001 Grand Prix GTP , 2005 GTO , Life Updates

Progress on the GTP

Well Saturday I picked up the GTP (2001 w/55k).  I had my friend go with me and drive my trailblazer back with my trailer and that carried all the extra parts/wheels/exhaust stuff. The car had a half tank of gas that was a year old. I stopped at the first gas station and filled it […]

2001 Grand Prix GTP

Insurance, registration and plates oh my!

What a busy day. I took a day off from work and kept my kid home from daycare. Did the earth just reverse its axis you ask? Nope. I had a contractor moving the a/c unit and my house sitter cancelled last minute. The a/c had to be moved today due to a deck being […]

2001 Grand Prix GTP , Life Updates

Lunch and update on the GTO

Today for lunch we went to the new Sonic. I didn’t think it was all that good. It was not bad but ok. I just had a burger and none of their signature food items but maybe next time. But the dead bug in the window was kinda gross.   After er lunch I got […]

2005 GTO , Life Updates

First Post. Welcome!

I’m a little late to the blogging game however I’m tired of facebook and the bickering I see in the car groups. Plus I needed a way to let me creative side out a little. So today I signed up and got this domain name and my friend took care of the hosting. We have […]