June 24, 2018

Disgarding debris one word at a time.

What a busy day. I took a day off from work and kept my kid home from daycare. Did the earth just reverse its axis you ask? Nope. I had a contractor moving the a/c unit and my house sitter cancelled last minute. The a/c had to be moved today due to a deck being built tomorrow. But that got delayed to next week… Ugh.

I decided to call my insurance company and get the GTP insured so I can get plates for it to get it home. The Internet is down at my insurance agent… Eventually he calls me takes all my info and has a partner office add it to my policy and emailed me the temp cards. Kid was playing with the neighbors. I went over and said I had to run an errand can he stay here, no problem. Told the contractor I have to step out and he said he had afew more hours of work.  Soooo, I ran to the dmv and had everything. Filled out two papers, paid tax and fees and got plates! Yes!

Got back home and the contractor was cruising along. When he was done he told me to wash out the condenser of cotton wood more often, and where the old ac sat there was a nest of ground bees under it… Great.

So he left and I indroduced those bees to 2 gallons of 2 stroke gas I had to get rid of.  I wanted to light it but…. My luck is on an upswing. So I let it soak and evaporate…

later in the evening I picked up a newer fridge and oven. My brother is moving and doesn’t need the appliances which might be 4 years old . Thank god for that new trailer I bought a few weeks ago. My old fridge and oven have to be from 1996-ish.

2001 Grand Prix GTP , Life Updates

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