March 20, 2018

Disgarding debris one word at a time.

Well Saturday I picked up the GTP (2001 w/55k).  I had my friend go with me and drive my trailblazer back with my trailer and that carried all the extra parts/wheels/exhaust stuff. The car had a half tank of gas that was a year old. I stopped at the first gas station and filled it up. I babied the car driving it home (25+ mile trip, mostly expressway). I went maybe 1/4 throttle a few times and its amazing how it just accelerated. When we got off the expressway by my house I got into it a little bit and the front tires broke free easily. It also needs new shocks and rides like a boat…

Got it home, went and picked up my son and we got home. He said who’s car is that and I said that it’s ours. He said cool. He asked to play some video games and I said sure and took this opportunity to start work on the car and a list of things I wanted to do to get it how I want it.

I started by cleaning it out. there wasn’t much but an old receipt here or there, and some old aesthetic vendor parts in the trunk from a company that fizzled out. Some of the window tint on the back window was peeling. It was way too dark for my liking anyways. And so it begins, window tint removal! After taking off the “limo” tint I noticed ANOTHER layer of tint that was much thinner and harder to get off. As of now I have all windows done, except for the thin layer on the back window. I used two methods of tint removal; the 409/blackgarbage bag trick, and the hair drier with a razor blade trick.

I ordered a few things Saturday night, some AGX adjustable struts for all four corners, some eibach springs (1.3″drop), rear trailing arms, front/rear strut tower bars, front/rear HD sway bars as well as the front support bars lots of people remove for weight but I am putting them back in. The A/C works too! Here is a list of what I look to get done (not in any order) or fix besides suspension work:

-Oil change first!
-pressure wash front wheel wells to remove all drag racing tire rubber
-find/install/paint roof rails
-completely vacuum/detail interior
-totally clean exterior (car sat outside at a house by a lake)
-replace HVAC knob that controls air direction
-re-route “happy knob” (manual IAT crap) wiring to run through the cabin
-finish removing tint off rear window (PITA)
-bolt in the back seat and re-install seatbelts (these were removed for drag racing to save weight and just need to be bolted in/secured)
-remove wheels, clean them and order new tires (235-55-17)
-mount the heat exchanger pump switch somewhere (next too heated seat switch?)
-find out what red switch by e-brake does, black rocker switch is manual fan control from old days
-neaten up some stuff in the engine compartment and clean it.
-trace out some internal under dash wires and neaten them up too.
-find/install/replace rear tail lights with something a little less ricey


2001 Grand Prix GTP

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