May 22, 2018

Disgarding debris one word at a time.

It’s Hot and Humid! Lucking the A/C is holding up good since they did the “recall” on it to fix some sticky valve for the evaporator. Looking forward to a great weekend! It’s FRIDAY, I have a Golf lesson tonight then help my mom move a few boxes after that (she just moved into a new house) Saturday morning is a round of 18 with some friends, Saturday night is DATE NIGHT out with MS. Lucky 🙂

I gave the GTP a good once over and cleaned the outside of it. It came out good but it needs a nice clay bar treatment. It desperately needs tires since they are all cracked from sitting 🙁 some AGX adjustable struts and lowering springs are enroute as well as some strut tower bars, sway bars and trailing arms. I want this car to handle as good as my old 1998 GTP. I also ordered a hud 2 2 gauge pod and two aeroforce gauges, new front headlights, turn signals and rear tail lights to neaten things up. I also got in a few minor interior pieces that were missing that bugged me (broken HVAC knob, minor stuff). I’ve gone a little over budget on this car…

I got a call today regarding the GTO at the performance shop. It’s all done with the exception of the alignment and the final tune. The work that was all done: oil change, transmission fluid change, differential fluid change, quick-ratio (pedders) steering rack installed, BC coilovers installed, alignment, custom made larger intake and larger MAF to get more air into the supercharger followed up with a new dyno tune. With todays weather/humidity the shop is holding off on a tune. No rush I told them, I have a packed weekend anyways.

The deck will be started Monday, its been moving forward slower than I’d like but I’m keeping my eye on the prize and can’t wait to sit on a deck and lounge in a hot tub.

2001 Grand Prix GTP , 2005 GTO , Life Updates

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