May 22, 2018

Disgarding debris one word at a time.

Well, The Trailblazer SS is going under the knife.

What started off as a efans/intake/tune light modding turned into “That ticking sound isn’t a bad exhaust manifold gasket, You have 3 broken exhaust studs” then turned into, let’s CNC the heads while they are off, which turned into since the heads are off might as well do a cam and headers, which turned into a tq converter since doing a cam…  anyways, it should pick up a few horsies under the hood. Currently its at 86k miles.

GTP: running very good. little hesitant to take it on long trips since the transmission temp gets to 210 and hovers but for a modded trans that seems to be the ballpark. Probably just worrying over nothing? Added a fan to the tranny cooler, changed the trans filter and fluid, and installed a new Intercooler fluid pump.

I also got two storage spaces for the winter, I’m not sure what two to store offsite but probably the two Pontiacs since they wont ever see snow. The TBSS I don’t want to see snow but if I have to do a long trip in the winter in harsh weather that’s the vehicle I have snow tires for… Next winter I gotta plan better and sell those tbss wheels/snows and get a second set of wheels/tires for the rav4…

Can’t forget about plow truck, but that is on the selling block. Having a plow was fun, I can say I owned one but the fantasy is almost over… not 100% sold on selling it but if I throw out a high price and someone counters close it is gone!

2001 Grand Prix GTP , 2007 Trailblazer SS

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