March 20, 2018

Disgarding debris one word at a time.

New Year, New directions! Got a much larger tool chest for all my stuff. but its too big and I have to re-arrange my garage to make it fit! also got a “lift”. Well its not really a lift like you are thinking but its a Ranger quickjack 7000. it is a 2 piece hack that can lift a vehicle up enough to get all 4 wheels off at once and make it easier to get under. I don’t have a high ceiling in my garage to this will at least make it easier to get under them on a creeper!

I got a heater in the garage now so its always warm enough to work in there. I keep it low for day to day stuff but turn it up if I’m in there doing work. I also picked up a Hobart plasma cutter from a pawn shop that was brand new in the box.

I’m not getting any younger but I’m still gathering cool stuff so when my kid is old enough he has all the tools to fix whatever he wants!


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