April 26, 2018

Disgarding debris one word at a time.

1986 Pontiac Firebird with a Ferrari Body kit
I bought this car on a spur of the moment thing. A coworker told me her friend was selling some cars and gave me her number. As it turns out her ex husband passed and left the estate to her and she was selling the cars. I made her an offer and she took it. Got it towed home (it did start run, stop and was on the road but all in her ex-husbands name and I did not want to take a chance driving it home 20+ miles). Got it home and cleaned it up, changed the oil in it. it was a 305 v8, carbureted with a manual 5 speed transmission with only has 56k miles on the car. The interior cleaned up good, but there were some stubborn spots. However I had no trunk key, I had no idea what was in it. Cleaned the outside. Registered it and drove it a few miles but I realized this was not a car for me. GM F body cars that are manual transmission my left foot always catches during shifting. Did it with this car, did same thing on a 2002 WS6 firebird too. The fiberglass outside needed a lot of work, work that I didn’t want to do after seeing it. The whole front clip was one large piece. It was a 50 footer as I’d tell people. Well at least it was not a Ferrari kit on a Fiero… I ended up selling it to a guy out near Albany and doubling what I paid for it. He told me they love the car a few months later and worked on it a lot. I asked him what was in the trunk, he said nothing but water and a bunch of mold.


1986 Dodge Shelby Charger
This car I had for 12 years and only drove it like 3 years. It was the car I had before I really knew to not drive a car in the winter if you wanted it to last, and the rust protection on the 80’s cars were not all that great. It was a 2.2 liter turboI engine. not much power but at the time it felt fast! When I sold it I was mid converting it to a TurboII setup but got bored of it. The floor was rusted out and I bought a welder back in 2004 and welded in computer case sides. Then painted them and sealed them. however I never finished up the bottom under the car. I sold it for 500.00 to the guy I bought My 91 Spirit from because the town was on me for having it sit outside and unregistered. He got it to run and had fun, then it went through a few other sellers and last summer I was on a local facebook group and a guy that raced r/c cars said look at my new car and I saw some things that looked like my old one. I asked him, is the interior vinyl painted black and the floor pans made of computer cases, he said yeah that’s it, and I hate the person that painted it black inside. I fessed up then laughed. He’s a good guy and we keep in touch, he’s a Pontiac guy too.


1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP


This was the first car I took a loan out for and I learned some lessons about that. it had 40k miles when I got it in February 2000 and about 140k when I traded it for a Full Size ram truck in march 2008.  This car was my baby, perfect white paint, white matching wheels, Leather Interior, Sunroof, Heads up display on the windshield. I found a local Grand Prix club and met a lot of great guys that I have kept in touch with through the years. I did not mod it too much, aftermarket ECU, thermostat drilled, the GMPP koni kit w/eibachs, GMPP sway bars, GMPP rear trailing arms, gauge pod with boost, tranny temp and something else. It was a fun car till some redneck in his pickup truck full of stuff cut into my lane then slammed his brakes on, my abs kicked on and I still hit him with his trailer hitch punching through my bumper cover. Bough a “LeBra” and covered it up and kinda stopped caring about the looks of it. The kid I traded it to blew up the tranny soon after taking owner ship then I think he traded it off to someone in the buffalo area… It always makes me curious…


1991 Dodge Spirit R/T


This car was a blast. People thought the SRT4 was revolutionary… NEWSFLASH the Spirit R/T was a 2.2 16v turbo back in 1991. Dodge was not new to the 16v game, and the R/T head was designed by Lotus! It was an absolute Sleeper. I upgraded the ECU to a FWD Performance T3 trimcal so I could adjust boost (up to 22psi), fuel and spark on the fly, Koni Struts with eibach springs, Wideband, larger front mount IC and all 2.5″ Intercooler piping, neon short shifter, fidanza lightened steel flywheel and a 4 puck ceramic clutch topped off with an external waste gate and a electric dump cutout powered by a t3/t4 Hybrid 50 trim turbo with a Stage III turbine and a .63 exhaust housing.  You did not drive this car, because you aimed it. Once the front tires broke loose you were going straight… I don’t know how much power it actually made, but on the highway it pulled a fender or two on a stock Evo and surprised mustangs left and right. Launching it was a task. Once again as I got older, this car got lost when it needed motivation. I was heart set on a manual v8 rwd car that was more modern and more comfortable. Plus one of the Previous owners removed all the a/c so it was not a comfortable car for hot days. The seats were very comfy however. When I sold it in 2014 (for exactly what I paid for it in 2006). Rust was catching up to it pretty quick too, I did drive it one winter and on wet roads with melted salt (shame on me!)